Parents of Fantagians

Safe virtual playground

Fantage is committed to offer a safe and pleasant virtual community for the young audiences. Communication includes chats, instant messaging, and emailing in the Fantage will comply COPPA regulations and further Fantage rules:

  1. Users cannot ask and/ or mention personal information, such as real names, phone numbers, and home address (street address).
  2. Any language implying sexual or violent content is not permitted.
  3. Teasing other users with conversation or avatar actions is not permitted.
  4. Any other behaviors which we deem inappropriate and detrimental to maintaining out safe environment are not permitted.

Fantage has a chat filtering system, report users system, and a professional monitoring system. Unapproved chat or messages will be blocked and the violator will automatically receive a warning or be banned by our system. Fantage moderators will follow up the filtered chats and take further action if needed. Users who do not want to see certain conversations can activate the [ignore] function, which blocks all the conversations from the specific users. Users can also report any misbehavior or violations to Fantage for immediate attention by moderators. Fantage moderators will be on duty during the most active hours, and will attempt to fix issues as quickly as possible. While not on duty, moderators review the previous chat logs and will take action on users whose chat they deem unacceptable.

Users who violate the Fantage Chat and behavior code may receive warnings, suspensions or be banned from the site, depending on the severity of the infraction.

A strong safety feature that will help protect your child from any unwanted chat is the [No Chat] option. If parents choose the [no chat] option for their child, the user wil not see any chat dialog or messages, except for official announcements from Fantage administrators.

The [Safe Chat] option allows your child to receive chats and/or messages from Fantage administrators and users who elect the [safe chat] option only. This [safe chat] offers pre-selected sentences and users have to choose from them. They cannot type by themselves.

Parents can customize their children's communication privilege in Fantage. Fantage is also committed to being a safe environment, but no system is perfect. Fortunately, parents have more control here unlike any other children's site.

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