This is my first time here. What should I do?
Go to our home page and click the [JOIN NOW!] button. You can follow the easy registration steps from there.

I already have an ID. How can I start to play on Fantage?
Click the [LOGIN] button with your ID & PASSWORD and you can begin.

How can I move around the world?
Click where you want to go with your mouse. Your avatar will be there in no time. You can also use the arrow keys on the keyboard. Nowhere to click? Use the yellow arrows on the side of your screen to help you out.

How can I get nice costumes, different hairstyles and some cute furniture for my house?
Go to Le Shop for outfits, Loco Boardz for boards, Stellar Salon for hairstyles and headgears, Ottoman's for furniture and home decoration items and check out other shops. Just click a shop clerk and you will see all the items they have. You can use the SHOPS tab on the world map to easily find shops!

I know how to purchase things, but I don’t have enough Stars. How can I earn Stars?
Everyone will receive sign up allowance when they register. Members have monthly allowance, too. However, the best way is to play games. Have fun and earn Stars to buy cool new items. Premium Members can use double star coupons to earn more Stars! Anyone can purchase eCoins to buy items as well.

Where are the games?
Games are all around the world. Most of games have signs to be recognized easily. Explore here and there, you will find so many games. If you cannot wait.. Ask someone! Fantagians are friendly and helpful! You can also click the GAMES tab on the world map to easily spot all of the games.

I want a lot of Stars in no time. Which game gives me the most stars?
Some games give more Stars than others. But it really depends on your skill. If you play games well you will get more stars. Our recommendation is to play your favorite games! You will have fun and earn Stars at the same time. To earn Stars faster, Premium Members can use double star coupons to earn twice as many Stars!

Somebody is bothering me. What should I do?
We want nice Fantagians in the Fantage world, but sometimes others do not play nicely. Put them on your ignore list quickly and you will not see any of their conversations. Also, please report them to Fantage by clicking the user's avatar and [report] icon. Fantage will take care of the matter.

I am very quiet person. Can I play Fantage without chat?
Choose the [no chat] option during the registration process or by clicking the Options button on your main taskbar while logged into your account. After selecting [no chat], you can communicate with Fantage administrators, but will not see any conversation or messages from other users. You cannot type chat or message to other users either.

I typed "", but nothing is on the screen. What's going on?
Your flash player may be outdated. Go to click [download] icon. If it still doesn't work, please contact us and let us know.

I registered a character, but I didn't get the validation email! What should I do?
If you haven't received your validation email, check in your spam/junk mail folder, it might be there. If you still can't find it, click here to have the activation email resent.

How do I turn the sound off?
You can turn off all background music and sound effects by clicking on the Options icon from the main Fantage screen. You need to click on the Sound Off button to turn all sounds off, and click it again to turn the sound back on. Turning the sound off will not affect the sound in the games.

What happens to my Premium Member items when my Premium Membership expires/is canceled?
You are able to use all of your Premium Member items as long as your membership status is Premium. If you cancel your Premium Membership or it expires, your Premium Member items will appear grayed-out in your inventory. You will be able to use all of your Premium Items again once you upgrade your account back to Premium Membership. Items bought with eCoins never expire.

How do I purchase eCoins?
You can purchase eCoins from the Fantage homepage by clicking the eCoins logo on the top of the page.
Having trouble? You can click this link to purchase eCoins.

How can I earn eCoins?
In Fantage you can earn eCoins by clicking on the EARN buttons found in the idFone and most games around Fantage. Watch the AD and click "Earn eCoins" to receive your reward.
There are also some special offers through and that can allow you to earn eCoins. Find out more by visiting those locations.

My level is a bit low. How can I level up?
There are plenty of ways to level up on Fantage! Level up by winning games and fashion shows, hosting parties, playing piñata, collecting pets, walking pets, and more! The users with the most levels are featured in the Hall of Fame and usually selected in the Comet magazine as Featured Members!

How can I change my password / email?
You can request a password change by clicking the Options icon on your main taskbar when logged in. A password change request will be sent to the account’s registered email address. Email address changes can only be done by contacting customer support.

What are ‘gems’? How can I get them?
You can win gems by playing Candy Swap, Bubble Bug, Staries, Bullseye, Secret Adventure, or Magic Pop. Go to Orion’s Rare Finds in the Wizard’s Domain and put 3 gems into the orb to unlock a rare item.

Help! I think someone is using my account! What can I do?
Contact and a customer service representative will provide assistance. Keep in mind that it’s not possible for a user to hack your account unless they were provided with your password or personal information. To avoid this issue, NEVER give your password out to anyone, even your friends.

What are PETS? How can I get one?
First, head over to Pet Town and go to the Pet Shop. In the Pet Shop, click the SHOP button and open the catalog. Purchase the Starter Egg and head back to your barn to start hatching. Want to hatch pets faster? You can buy Magic Codes for each pet that you want---hatch them in 1 hour, 20 minutes, or instantly.

What is the Hall of Fame? How about Trendsetters?
You can go to the Hall of Fame in Uptown to see who has the highest levels in Fantage! You can also check out the game rankings to see who has the highest scores of all time. The Fantage Trendsetters listing is also located in the Hall of Fame. Trendsetters are users who have collected the most luxury, limited, and rare items! Get free items when you own certain percentages of all trendsetter items!

I have some old items I don't like. How do I sell them at Lucky Bob's?
You can go to Lucky Bob's Trading Post located in the Forest to sell back some items you no longer want. In exchange, you will receive 30% of the item's original price in Stars! Feeling lucky? Spin the big wheel for a chance to win even MORE Stars!

How do I throw a party at my house?
First, go to your home. Then, click the party icon at the top of your screen. Choose any party you'd like and click the BUY button. You can choose whether to invite just your friends OR everybody in the server. Once at your party, you can give out Winner Stickers and Goodie Bag Stickers to your guests. You can even buy a pinata and you and your guests win Stars from it!

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