This is my first time here. What should I do?
Go to our home page and click the [New Member] button. You can follow the easy registration steps from there.

I already have an ID. How can I start to play on Fantage?
Click the [Play Now] button and you can begin.

How can I move around the world?
Click where you want to go with your mouse. Your avatar will be there in no time.

I want nice costumes, different hairstyles and some cute furniture for my house.
Go to Le Shop for outfits, Loco Boardz for boards, Stellar Salon for hairstyles and headgears, Ottoman's for furniture and home decoration items and check out other shops. Just click a shop clerk and you will see all the items they have.

I know how to purchase things but don't have enough money… I mean Stars.
Everyone will receive sign up allowance when they register. Members have monthly allowance, too. However, the best way is to play games. Have fun and earn Stars to buy cool new items.

Where are the games?
Games are all around the world. Most of games have signs to be recognized easily. Explore here and there, you will find so many games. If you cannot wait.. Ask someone! Fantagians are friendly and helpful!

I want a lot of Stars in no time. Which game gives me the most stars?
Some games give more Stars than others. But it really depends on your skill. If you play games well you will get more stars. Our recommendation is to play your favorite games! You will have fun and earn Stars at the same time.

Somebody is bothering me. What should I do?
We want nice Fantagians in the Fantage world, but sometimes others do not play nicely. Put them on your ignore list quickly and you will not see any of their conversations. Also, please report them to Fantage by clicking the user's avatar and [report] icon. Fantage will take care of the matter.

I am very quiet person. Can I play Fantage without chat?
Choose the [no chat] option during the registration process or from your account management section. You can communicate with Fantage administrators, but will not see any conversation or messages from other users. You cannot type chat or message to other users either.

I typed "http://www.fantage.com", but nothing is on the screen. What's going on?
Your flash player may be outdated. Go to http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/and click [download] icon. If it still doesn't work, please contact us and let us know.

I registered a character, but I didn't get the validation email! What should I do?
If you haven't received your validation email, check in your spam/junk mail folder, it might be there. If you still can't find it, click here to have the activation email resent.

How do I turn the sound off?
You can turn off all background music and sound effects by clicking on the Options icon from the main Fantage screen. You need to click on the Sound Off button to turn all sounds off, and click it again to turn the sound back on. Turning the sound off will not affect the sound in the games.

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